Your Faith God’s Faithfulness

“Your Faith, God’s Faithfulness

If we are faithless,

he will remain faithful,

for he cannot disown himself.

—2 TIMOTHY 2:13”

I don’t think we can ever talk enough about the faithfulness of God. It’s the starting place of any big prayer or act of faith.

Our faith may fail. But God’s faithfulness never will. Our faith is not built on the fault line of feelings or the flood plain of our performance. We build our faith on solid ground. Higher ground. We build on the faithfulness of God. Faithfulness is not merely some general attribute of God’s, but rather it extends to the workings of your life. A faithful God has allowed you to breathe every breath you’ve ever breathed. His faithfulness has permitted you to experience the highest mountaintops of your life. His faithfulness has enabled you to endure the darkest valleys. So today, if your faith is low because of a shortage of resources or because of a relational tension or because of an emotional depression or because of anything else, that’s okay. Your faith isn’t in your faith. Your faith is in your God.

But I also believe there’s another side to all this that we can’t afford to ignore. God is faithful even if we are faithless. But God shows His faithfulness in a special way toward those who show their faith in Him.

I’m not talking out of both sides of my mouth. It’s simple, really. God is always faithful. But the people who step out in faith have the opportunity to see God come through for them and move in ways that those who are faithless don’t have.

“God shows His faithfulness in a special way to those who show their faith in Him. #sunstandstill”

God would have remained faithful if Moses had remained in the desert, herding sheep. But because Moses had the faith to be God’s representative before Pharaoh, he had a front-row seat to the ten plagues and the parting of the Red Sea—both of them huge demonstrations of God’s faithfulness. God would have remained faithful if Daniel hadn’t had the courage to keep praying to God when he was told not to. But because Daniel had the faith to persist, he had the privilege of proving God’s faithfulness in the lions’ den. God would have remained faithful if Peter hadn’t walked on water. But because Peter had the faith to step out of the boat, he saw Jesus’s faithfulness in a way the other disciples didn’t.Maybe we could sum it up like this: God has demonstrated His past faithfulness to give us a foundation for our faith. Now, if you’ll show God your faith, He’ll show you His faithfulness. Not because you have earned it, but because you have put yourself in a position to see it.

PRAYER FOCUS: Declare your faith to God, and ask Him to reveal His faithfulness to you today in a bold and tangible way.

Excerpt From

Sun Stand Still Devotional

Steven Furtick