The God Who Provides

The God Who Provides

Abraham looked up and there in a thicket he saw a ram caught by its horns. He went over and took the ram and sacrificed it as a burnt offering instead of his son. So Abraham called that place The LORD Will Provide.

—GENESIS 22:13–14

One day God instructs Abraham to take his young son to a mountain and sacrifice him on an altar. If God asked me to do the same thing to one of my sons, I’m afraid it would be the end of the line in my journey of obedience. I couldn’t fathom following through with a command like this. But apparently Abraham has more faith than I do. He doesn’t know exactly how God is going to turn this one around, but after his long life of seeing God act, he declares, “God himself will provide the lamb” (verse 8).

Before you get to the peak of provision, you must be found faithful in the valley of decision. #sunstandstill

Just as Abraham is about to plunge the knife into Isaac, the Lord intervenes to stop him, explaining that Abraham has passed the test. Immediately there it is: a ram caught in a thicket. This is the material provision Abraham has been yearning for—much more than anybody ever wanted employment, a secure retirement, or money for hospital bills. God has made a way to save the life of his son. On the spot Abraham names the hill where he is standing Yahweh Yireh, or “The LORD Will Provide.”

There will never be a shortage in God’s supply. There might only be a shortage in “our capacity to believe Him. God has blessed me materially many times. I call these “peaks of provision. But do you know what I’ve figured out? Before every peak of provision, there’s a valley of decision. Like Abraham, each of us has to decide if we’ll trust God and follow what He’s telling us.

Maybe right now you’re stuck in your life because God has you in the valley of decision. If you’ll walk through the valley and obey Him—no matter how hard it seems right now—He will bring you to a peak on the other side. Before you get to the peak of provision, you must be found faithful in the valley of decision. When you get to the mountain, you’ll be able to look back to the place God brought you from and say, “The Lord has provided.” And you’ll be able to worship Him as the all-sufficient God.

PRAYER FOCUS: If you’re in need of provision from God, ask His help to trust Him more in the valley of decision where you find yourself today.

Excerpt From

Sun Stand Still Devotional

Steven Furtick